How to Get Rid of Termites Effectively

 How to Get Rid of TermitesHow to Get Rid of Termites . Termites are not just industrious and assiduous insects but they are highly interesting as well. Did you know that worker termites who are also soldiers are always blind? Because they are based in dark nests all the time, they do not have any need for sight. On the other hand, mating termites need sight and in this regard, they have sight and can fly. Even when they cannot see, worker termites have the capacity to spell disaster in your home. They can effectively compromise the foundation of your home without even your knowledge. These wood-hungry pests must therefore be eliminated from your home. Before looking at the ways to eradicate the pests, knowing the type of termite you are dealing with is key.

Types of termites

There are over 45 known species of termites. However, the most notorious ones that affect homes are 3. They are dry-wood termites, damp-wood termites and subterranean termites. It is alarming to note that every year, these 3 species of termites cause damage worth five billion dollars. These termites love structural timber and trees. Wood with high moisture is also a breeding ground especially for damp-wood termites. Dry-wood termites can be found in hardwood floors and timber. Subterranean termites live in large nests and are considered one of the most destructive.

How to get rid of termites

Even though termites cause great devastation, it is encouraging to learn that they are relatively easy to get rid of. Once you know where they are, your work will be much easier. This article gives you safe ways to get rid of your termite problem. Harsh chemicals are hazardous to your family and your pets. First though, prevention is the most important point when thinking about keeping the termites at bay.

1. Put in place prevention measures

Most termite infestations can be prevented. First, firewood stored near your home is a really bad idea. Eliminate the wood or other lumber to remove the termite attraction. If you have bushes and shrubs in your home, you must trim them accordingly. Most pests do not like neat yards and termites are no exception. Tree stumps, branches and all wood debris should be eliminated from your yard. Another vital measure is to put screens on all exterior vents in your home. This will discourage termite traffic into your home. Cracks on utility pipes and piping should be filled. Your home’s foundation should not have moisture. Therefore, always check for leaks and fix them immediately. With all these measures, termites will be highly discouraged from visiting your home.

2. Use a vinegar lemon spray

Squeeze two lemons and mix the juice with half a cup of vinegar. This solution is highly acidic and termites will die upon contact. Use it as a spray in areas that are infested by termites. If you know where the termite hive is, the better. You can use this homemade solution as you need it. In addition, you can use it for prevention. It works like a charm and it is not harmful to your pets or family members.


3. Leverage on sunlight

Sunlight together with the heat of the sun is an effective termite killer. All you have to do is expose areas that are infested to sunlight. If you have furniture or other items that have been invaded by termites, take them outside and allow the sun to kill the termites. This method could be limited to the number of items you expose to sunlight. However, it is a great way to reduce the population of termites. Remember, termites love moisture and this method allows you to remove the comfortable breeding grounds for the pests.

4. Use orange oil

Orange oil is made using orange peels. The oil has a component called d-limonenewhich is toxic to termites. Upon exposure to orange oil, the exoskeletons of termites will start to dissolve. This is the process that leads to their death owing to lost moisture and proteins. If you are looking to prevent termite infestation, this is also an excellent method to use. The oil also has the ability to interfere with termite pheromones. This effectively breaks down the communicate ability of the termites. The oil can be used as a spray. If you are dealing with dry-wood termites, this is the most recommended method of elimination.

For hives that are located deep in the dry walls, drilling holes and spraying the oil can help. However, make sure to consult a professional before drilling holes or removing dry walls in your home. Orange oil can irritate skin so use the right protective equipment when administering this method.

5. Recruit beneficial nematodes

You can employ biological methods like using parasites on the termites. Parasitic roundworms work effectively when placed in the colony of the termites. These organisms are commonly called beneficial nematodes. The roundworms are very small; in fact, they are microscopic. They will invade termites by penetrating into their bodies. Once they are inside the host, they release killer bacteria that will kill termites eventually. To get these nematodes, you can check your local home and garden supplies store.

6. Use low temperatures

Termites cannot survive temperatures of -20 degree Fahrenheit. In this regard, lowering the temperature in your home can be an effective method to kill off termites. To achieve this, you can use liquid nitrogen.

7. Use a DIY termite trap

One of the most effective termite trap that you can make yourself is the cardboard trap. Termites love cellulose and that’s why they will be attracted to cardboard. Take a large cardboard and use a moist sheet on it as you roll it into shape. Place the trap strategically and within a few days, you should start collecting termites. A natural insecticide can be used to eliminate the pests.

8. Use natural insecticides

There are many good brands of natural insecticides to use on termites in your home. There are options for both outdoor problems and indoor infestations. Foams are also good to get rid of termites. Some people will opt to use boric acid although it is good to protect yourself as you use because it can be toxic.

Because termites literally never sleep, they can invade your home and cause great pillage. You therefore need to be vigilant when it comes to both to prevention and elimination.

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