Get a 4 Point Inspection before You Buy or Sell a Home

4 Point InspectionAt some point you will need to get a 4 Point Inspection  you will need to convince someone that your home is in perfect shape. So, for you to do that, you require to have a tangible proof, something like a  inspection. As the name suggests, the  inspection inspects and reports on four major home systems. In this article, I will be covering everything you need to know about 4 point inspection.

What is a 4 Point Inspection?

A 4 point inspection is basically a home inspection process that inspects only four major systems and gives a detailed report.

Areas of an Inspection

The 4 point inspection usually focuses on only four main areas of a home. Being a powerful exercise in determining many facts about a home, the four areas are very critical and important as well.

These areas are:


• Plumbing

• Electrical

• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems.

As we can see, these are very crucial systems that a home cannot do without. Also, these four systems that the  inspection focuses on describes a lot about a home. For instance, they describe the overall condition of the home and any risk associated with the systems.

To add on that, let me say that a home with a positive  inspection result is considered a problem-free home.

Why do You Need a 4 Point Inspection?

a) To Know the Condition of the Home

Knowing the condition of your home is something you should crave for. This is because it does not only help you understand the associated risks but also enables you to plan your budget. Majoring in very crucial systems of a home. The inspection will help you realize the condition of your home a give detailed precautions and changes that should be made.

4 Point Inspection

b) Easily Acquire Home Insurance

Okay, most insurance companies are increasingly becoming reluctant to issue insurance on older homes. This is because they are afraid the house might be in some conditions that could turn to be a reliability.

For instance, an old home with an HVAC nearing the end of its lifespan may fail while under the insurance policy and the owner pushes for a reimbursement. So, to escape such issues which the insurance company sees as a liability. They insist on a 4 point inspection before agreeing to insure your house.

However, with a positive 4 point inspection report, it will be very easy for you to convince an insurance company to insure your home.

c) For Safety Purposes

A 4 point inspection is one of the best ways to determine how safe your family is when living in that home. Looking at the four concerns of this inspection, 3 of them are systems that can be very dangerous if not well managed.

After years of use, these systems develop some complications that need to be addressed before the worst happens. Instead of fixing a problem after the other, it is wise to carry a 4 point inspection that will leave the whole of your home safety guaranteed.

d) Renovation Purposes

A 4 point inspection is the ultimate guide to a successful home renovation. Let’s say; you have just bought an old home somewhere that requires renovation before moving in.

Conducting a 4 point inspection will help you know exactly where to start and what will be the cost of renovation.

e) Estimate the Value of your Home

When selling or buying a home, a 4 point inspection is one of the various ways to estimate the value of the home. Like I had said earlier, this inspection concentrates on the 4 major home systems which can really cost a lot of money to repair or replace. This means the 4 systems play a major role when it comes to determining the value of the home.

Who Needs a 4 Point Inspection?

Sincerely speaking, it is in rare cases for someone to request for a 4 point inspection, unless they are making a purchase. However, the insurance companies are the most known entities who demand a 4 point inspection.

The 4 Point  Process

There are many companies dedicated to offering home inspection services including the inspection. After contacting the company and negotiating the cost, the company will visit your home and carry out the inspection.

The whole process is done professionally by their skilled individuals. After the inspection is done, forms will be filled to indicate the condition of your home. The filled forms are the findings and report of the inspection?

Is there a Specific 4 Point Inspection Form?

Well, I cannot say that there is a specific  inspection form since the inspection companies and some insurance companies provide their own forms. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the 4 point inspection forms, either the insurance or inspecting company will prompt you with the forms.

Who Should Fill the Forms?

Now that your home has been inspected, it’s time to fill in the forms. In this case, insurance companies always demand that the 4 point inspection forms are filled by qualified and licensed individuals from the company that conducted the inspection.

Will my Home Get Insured if it Fails to Pass the 4 Point Inspection?

When your home doesn’t pass the  inspection, it means there is something wrong with any of the four systems. Having known the exact problem, it is wise to share it with the insurance company.

Depending on the policies of the company, some companies will issue the insurance while others will not. Another company may decide to offer the insurance but excluding the problematic system. So, it all depends on the policies of the company.

Regular Home Inspection or 4 Point ?

You might be wondering which inspection is the best for you or the insurance company. Okay, regular home inspection is wide and detailed as compared to the 4 point inspection. However, it is not a good idea to share even the petty problems with the insurance company.

If you want a full detailed inspection of your home, the regular home inspection is the way to go. But if you are in search of an inspection report to present to an insurance company. The 4 point inspection is all you need. Apart from just hiding the petty issues, a 4 point  is preferred by most insurance companies.

Additional Tips

• Always consult your insurance company before paying for a 4 point inspection.

• Always present a 4 point inspection report to the insurance company and not the regular home inspection (unless they have asked you to).

Final Verdict

After such a long discussion, we can conclude and say; the 4 point inspection is a great tool for determining the condition of your home. Also, the 4 point  is a powerful proof to convince a buyer or insurance company that your home is in good shape.

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