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Shad Morris - November 14, 2016

A friend of mine is thinking about looking for a new house, and wanted to make sure that they hired the right person to help them out. I really like that you say to make sure that they have references when looking to hire them. That way, you will know that they provide a quality service, and care what their customers think.

John - April 25, 2017

My wife and I decided it’s about time for us to move, but we dread the thought of hunting for a home. We are both pretty busy so we don’t really have the time to spend searching thoroughly. I think a realtor or real estate agent could be really helpful for us, so we’ll be sure to take the article’s advice and find a realtor that has excellent references before hiring them.

Max Jones - June 9, 2017

My little family is growing, and my wife and I think that it would be a good time for us to find a real estate agent and get into a new home. I like that you pointed out you should choose a real estate agent who has great references and testimonials that they are willing to share with you! We want our first big real estate purchase to be something that goes smoothly and offers us a good experience, so if we can find an experienced agent who has given past clients a good experience as well, I think we’re going to be very happy! Thanks for the tips!

Afton Jackson - June 26, 2017

I didn’t realize how important it is to choose a realtor that you can get along with to ensure communication is good and things go more smoothly. My sister will be in the market for a home soon. Hopefully, she can use this info to find an expert that can help her find the perfect starter home.

Finley Moreira - July 5, 2017

I’m looking at buying a home soon, and I heard that using a realtor could help get me into a home a lot sooner than otherwise. I like how you pointed out that it’s important for me to check references before hiring a realtor. I’ll be sure to do this since I think it could help me decide if the agent I’m looking at hiring is qualified enough to find me a home that fits my needs.


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